Thursday, February 13, 2014

Worth Reading – February 13, 2014

Elections Canada recently released some information about how the transposition of 2011 election results would play out in the new districts. However, as Alice Funke points out that the results are flawed and why. 

Adam Radwanski in the Globe and Mail writes on a similar topic to Martin Regg Cohn’s piece I highlighted last week. The Ontario New Democrats are building a policy-less-based popularity

Marc Mayrand, the head of Elections Canada, has spoken against the Fair Elections Act

Tonight there are two by-elections in Ontario today. Votes should be coming in soon. Martin Regg Cohn sets us up for the results

Big news in Brampton politics, my former Regional Councillor John Sanderson has filed his papers to run for Mayor of Brampton against Susan Fennell. 

The Northwest Territories’ budget came out this week. Part of the plan is to increase the population by over 2000 people. It’s an interesting challenge, and perhaps unreasonable.

Despite their grandiose claims, the federal government’s efforts to refund and repair the armed forces are falling short of what is advertised

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