Thursday, February 20, 2014

Worth Reading – February 20, 2014

Good Thursday morning. Being in meetings has made it harder to keep track of all the stories this week, so this Worth Reading may be somewhat brief.

Martin Regg Cohn writes that Andrea Horwath has transformed the Ontario NDP from a progressive to a populist party. I have found myself frustrated at the direction that party has taken. Admittedly, no party is perfect, but the gap between what I want to see and what the ONDP is appears to be widening.

From the Niagara Falls review, a piece of election analysis that suggests all three parties have very little to be happy about with the results. 

This is a great piece from Adam Radwanski on the health of Niagara and how its revitalization needs to be made a priority. Niagara is one of the hardest hit regions in the province with the highest unemployment. The provincial government does not nearly take the region seriously enough.

Samara Canada released their latest report, “By Invitation Only” this week. It’s a great report, definitely worth reading, about how Canadians view political parties, and how they are failing the public. 

If you don’t have time to read Samara’s entire report Susan Delacourt offers a good overview and discussion of it here

When Kathleen Wynne became Premier in the minority legislature at Queen’s Park I became optimistic that several big files might advance with the support of the NDP. That has not happened, to my great disappointment, particularly on the transit file. Nor does it appear will ever to happen with the current leadership

Every day I am stunned by what is happening in the Ukraine. I keep expecting the violence to end and for something to bring it to an end, but instead every day some new tragedy occurs

Worth Watching

How to Hate Politics – Jennifer Hollett

Jennifer Hollett, former nomination candidate for the NDP talks about how parties and politicians turn people off to politics. 

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