Thursday, May 23, 2013

Worth Reading – May 23, 2013

I don’t think there is a fresh way to bring this up anymore. Increasingly it appears that Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto is caught in a drug scandal. If you recall, Mayor Ford had an admitted drug problem before being elected mayor, so this is not terribly surprising. The question, I suppose, is should a person wrestling with addiction be mayor of the largest city in Canada.

I had a post appear in Samara Canada about why being a member of political party is a positive thing

Steve Paikin writes about the difficult position ONDP leader Andrea Horwath has been in over the last few months. 

Angus Reid, a prominent Canadian pollster, offers some comments on the failures of the polling industry in the wake of the British Columbia provincial election. 

Martin Regg Cohn in the Toronto Star suggests that the B.C. election results may have broken the last bit of the ONDP’s desire to call an election

John Ivison has a great follow up to Coyne’s piece by highlighting the anger in the Conservative caucus on this most recent scandal

John Lorinc contrasts the Lastman mayoralty to Ford’s time in office by using the casino issue. 

From the Vancouver Sun, a young woman offers some perspective on the low voter turnout and disengagement among the electorate. The author says that we need to encourage year-round citizens.

Finally, from the good people at D News, are Millenials more narcissistic? 

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