Thursday, May 16, 2013

Worth Reading – May 16, 2013

Just as the Prime Minister hoped, the B.C. election overshadowed this particular news event, but, the federal Liberals won the Labrador by-election. For some excellent analysis check out the Canadian Election Atlas

This is an interesting column from the National Post. The writer says that the Conservatives have lost of their way. The party of “fiscal responsibility” is now responsible for losing $3.1 billion in tax revenue, and colossal mismanagement of public funds. Now the “irresponsible” parties of the left sound like the old Conservatives.

From Samara Canada, what are political parties and how do they (or don’t they) serve us? 

Also from Samara, they did analysis on the participation of Members in the House of Commons. They compared the number ofspoken words in the House to books. Unsurprisingly more than a few Conservative MPs compare to children’s books, though I would hope the kid’s books have more truth.

Eric Grénier writes in the Huffington Post what the outcome of the B.C. election might mean  for the party leaders

Also from Mr. Grénier, he writes in his blog about how the pollsters could have so spectacularly failed in predicting the outcome. He suggests that there is no valid explanation.

The Toronto Ranked Ballot Initiative passed the first hurdle and got out of committee. It will be debated in Council in June. Hurray!

The Toronto Star is following up on a report initially made by CTV. According to reports, Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff reimbursed Senator Duffy $90,000 for the expenses he incurred due to his failure to properly obey Senate rules. Beyond that Senator Patrick Brazeau is trying to avoid repayment of his misuse of public funds. Another proud week for the Canadian Senate.

In iPolitics, this author lays the blame for the NDP weakness in B.C. to Adrian Dix’s positive-only campaign. It should be noted that this piece was released before the election results.

Speaking of B.C., Tim Harper in the Toronto Star declares he is ending his relationship with pollsters. He, like many people, is feeling jilted and misled by the so-called experts too many times. Won’t be fooled again, etc.

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