Thursday, June 7, 2018

Worth Reading - June 7, 2018

Happy Election Day, Ontario! I've already went out and cast my ballot and I hope all of you have already or have made a plan to who live in the province. This week's Worth Reading has a lot about the election, perfect to read up on before the results start to come in tonight.

A cultural critic takes a look at The Ideology of the First Order in Star Wars.

Paul Wells argues that our government's focus on Trump is a waste of time.  

John Michael McGrath looks at what a possible PC or NDP cabinet could look like

The road to victory is through the GTA

Though a flawed method, using the surveys from vote compass someone put together the ridings in Ontario from most left to right

It's possible that the NDP will win the popular vote, but lose the election tonight

Martine Ouellet was kicked out as the leader of the Bloc Quebecois. 

The Toronto Star writes that all of Downtown Toronto may flip to the NDP

If the NDP wins tonight, what might it look like

Much is made of the 905, but this election the 416 will be an important part of the election. 

Cutting routes and frequency merely depresses transit usage. The more efficient and easy to use, the more riders a system attracts. 

Public engagement is a critical part of local government, and it is utterly failing. 

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