Thursday, June 21, 2018

Worth Reading - June 21, 2018

Sean Marshall takes a look at the current status of the Toronto municipal election

Also from Sean Marshall, how Ontario can stop becoming the province of dead malls

The Ontario Legislature has a historic number of women in the wake of the provincial election. 

The newly elected Progressive Conservatives had their first caucus meeting

The NDP also held its first caucus meeting with its expanded membership

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the federal NDP is struggling

What could Premier Doug Ford mean for transit in Ontario

The new Ontario government has a stack of housing issues to deal with. How might they approach them

Maclean's asks if liberal democracy will continue its decline globally in 2018

Chuck Marohn looks at the classic debate: should government be run like a business

The Death of Euphemism video examines how political euphemisms work and how they have changed.  

Abduction as Romance by Pop Culture Detective looks at a common trope with roots in domestic violence. 

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