Thursday, May 24, 2018

Worth Reading - May 24, 2018

As the Ontario provincial election progresses and the NDP vote rises Martin Regg Cohn suggests it could become a referendum on Andrea Horwath, though I think her success is more attributable to the failings of her competitors. 

Maclean's has provided brief summaries of the three major parties' platforms

It's unclear which direction the youngest set of voters are going to go in Ontario, but all the parties are trying to court them. 

Increased attention on the NDP has led to Horwath having to taking on some of her candidates, like the one in Brampton South who expressed disagreement with the sex ed reforms

Adam Radwanski writes on the Doug Ford campaign

The Toronto Star editorial board is encouraging the people of Guelph to consider casting a ballot for Green leader Mike Schreiner

The Liberals and NDP have called for police investigations into some of the Progressive Conservatives' nominations

The Globe and Mail also took a look at the PC nominations in this piece. 

John Barber writes the political obituary for Kathleen Wynne, prematurely. 

At the time CBC reported PC candidates had skipped debates in 25 ridings

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