Thursday, May 10, 2018

Worth Reading - May 10, 2018

Tanya Granic Allen, former Ontario PC leadership candidate, and recently booted from the provincial election as a candidate blames the media and the Liberals for, you know, finding words she said/wrote. 

In part one Kea Wilson writes about her experience trying to rehab an old building and turn it into a successful rental property, and why she failed

Doug Ford is promising to save the province a billion dollars. He appears to have no plan to actually do that.

Andrew Coyne wrote a piece arguing Doug Ford was a man without principles. John Michael McGrath argues that Ford is clearly a conservative, but that might not matter. 

Also from TVO, McGrath writes that this is Andrea Horwath's last chance to win an election

A Peel Region teacher wrote anonymously about the concerns in the education system in our area. 

In a major endorsement the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario put its support behind the Ontario NDP

In British Columbia the plan for electoral reform proceeds with mixed public sentiments. 

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