Thursday, April 5, 2018

Worth Reading - April 5, 2018

Chuck Marohn takes aim at the potential of automated vehicles

The CBC's Neil Macdonald makes a point many on the American left have argued, that advocates for sane alternatives in American policy need to stand up and fight back

Jen Gerson has about half a point here where she talks about the reasonableness of high-speed rail in Ontario. However,  she undercuts herself by pointing to Alberta as a sensible counter example.

John Michael McGrath points out that the plans for high-speed rail in Ontario are actually less than they seem

Steve Paikin writes about how the PC leadership race has thrown the federal plan for carbon pricing into uncertainty

From Twitter, the Cambridge Analytica scandal involved the compromising of 600000 Canadian Facebook accounts.
Jagmeet Singh's brother will contest his Brampton seat in the next provincial election

From the New Yorker, Mark Zuckerberg should read 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. 

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