Thursday, April 12, 2018

Worth Reading - April 12, 2018

Steve Paikin writes that the voters of Ontario have rarely been offer such a stark set of choices for who they wish to lead them in the upcoming election

Former PC leadership contender, Tanya Granic Allen is under scrutiny for tweets about gay people and Muslims

From Strong Towns, what makes affordable housing not so affordable

Mark Zuckerberg's appearance in front of the Congress was a sham

The Globe and Mail calls out Doug Ford for avoiding scrutiny from the media

A dramatic film about Rob Ford is being made, but apparently the Robyn Doolittle-like journalist who pursues the story will be played by a man. 

In the ongoing spiral of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, MPP Michael Harris has been removed from caucus. 

Paul Krugman calls out the hollowness of the American right's intellectuals

The Economist reports that democracy continues its sad, steady decline

Someone painstakingly modeled San Francisco in a city-builder video game

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