Thursday, June 29, 2017

Worth Reading - June 29, 2017

This piece is from a few months ago, but I think it might be worth checking out again. Shawn Micallef writes about the failure of the provincial government and municipalities to defend green space in the GTA

Chantal Hebert writes on the state of the sovereignty question

Justin Trudeau blamed the failure of electoral reform on the opposition's refusal to select his preferred option. He better pay a price for this hubris in 2019.

Aaron Wherry writes on electoral reform as well. 

Brampton City Council is striking a new committee to push for regional transit interests

The Star writes about Brampton's search for a new urban vision by hiring Larry Beasely. 

What happens when the presidency loses its legitimacy

Maclean's writes about the daring cynicism of Christy Clark and the current state of BC politics

My former employer, the South Slave Divisional Education Council, warns that they are not prepared for junior kindergarten

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