Thursday, June 1, 2017

Worth Reading - June 1, 2017

CGP Grey put out a new video this week about maximizing misery (it's actually about how to increase your happiness).

Every year this news story comes out, but it reminds us of the continuing ways institutions attempt to control women's bodies. A British Columbia school is facing criticism for imposing a dress code

The Greens and NDP in British Columbia have worked out an agreement to form government, but Premier Christie Clark will still test the confidence of the Legislature

Over the weekend the Conservative Party of Canada selected Andrew Scheer to be their next leader. Maclean's has a very thorough history of the campaign and how Scheer became the leader.

A fun story. Toronto Life ran a story about a wealthy family and their problems flipping a house for marginalized people in Parkdale. Vice had some fun pointing out the deeply out-of-touch character of the piece. 

Apparently the Canadian government's back door to the Trump administration is Jared Kushner

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