Thursday, May 4, 2017

Worth Reading - May 4, 2017

J. J. McCullough wrote a fierce criticism of Canadian democracy, comparing it to the authoritarian reforms approved of recently in a Turkish referendum. 

David Moscorp offers a forceful rebuttal of McCollough's piece

News from the Nerd Economy, Kotaku is reporting that YouTube filters are hitting Call of Duty streamers and destroying their business model

Strong Towns asks who are the invisible bike riders in your community? 

Colonization is alive and well in the realm of indigenous land claims

Brampton plans to completely overhaul its downtown

Perhaps one of the most interesting questions in the Strong Towns' Strength Test is 'if there was a revolution in your town, would people know where to go to take part?' This article examines that idea. 

Andrew Coyne takes aim at the package of parliamentary reforms the Liberals intend to push through. 

London, Ontario will be replacing first-past-the-post with a ranked ballot for their next election

From Maclean's, How the Alt-Right Weaponized Free Speech

Schools, school boards and educators have been struggling to deal with a show I have recommended, 13 Reasons Why. For the record, I think the show should be watched by a mature audience or with parental discretion and presence. Netflix offered a response to the Peel District School Board's letter warning parents. PS Don't watch the trailer, it hurts the reveals of the show. 

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