Thursday, May 18, 2017

Worth Reading - May 18, 2017

I've written about how our places could use more public art. Strong Towns is talking about that this week. One article shows how we each can be more active in making public art. Gracen Johnson writes about public art's return on investment

Strong Towns also has put out a piece about how people who want to make changes in their cities can get started

A London city councillor gave an interview to Steve Paikin on their decision to move to ranked ballots

As the next provincial election nears there are complaints within the Progressive Conservative Party about how candidates are being selected

Ontario New Democrat, Jagmeet Singh, has jumped into the federal NDP leadership contest

Jarrett Walker takes aim at Toronto's acceptance of cars sharing their routes with cars. 

Ten reasons why improving bike infrastructure is good for non-cyclists

From TVO's blog, the power of disruptive protest

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