Thursday, January 26, 2017

Worth Reading - January 26, 2017

My sincere apologies for missing my Tuesday post. I came down with a stomach bug on Monday night and only now starting to feel about normal. 

Andrew Coyne writes about Press Secretary Sean Spicer's dishonesty

The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale reflects on 'alternative facts' and their use by autocratic, deceptive regimes

Kady O'Malley writes on Nathan Cullen's suggestion that the electoral reform committee draft the relevant legislation

An essay series in Rabble, they take a second look at the election fraud that occurred during the 2011 election. 

Divyesh Mistry wrote a detailed guide to the process of Brampton receiving a university. 

Shopper's World, the oldest indoor mall in Brampton, is slated for massive redevelopment into a mixed residential/commercial site. 

During the 2016 election a number of new podcasts popped up to discuss politics. The Washington Post has launched one to discuss Trump's policies and actions as president called "Can He Do That?"  I haven't listened myself, but I like the premise.

The Atlantic put together 50 podcasts to check out from 2016. I'm a lover of podcasts, so perhaps there is something here worth checking out

Speaking of which, Patrick Klepek writes about the value of podcasts and why you should dive in and start your own. I found this article's premise alluring because I've often wanted to start my own podcast. 

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