Thursday, January 12, 2017

Worth Reading - January 12, 2017

When the Liberals nearly lost the last two elections at the heart of it was controversies over electricity policy. As we approach the 2018 election electricity remains a major point of contention. The Globe and Mail has put together why and how Ontario electricity policy has gotten to this point and it's not all on the shoulders of Kathleen Wynne, despite what critics would say. 

Kady O'Malley argues, optimistically, that the replacement of Maryan Monsef in the Democratic Institutions Ministry suggests the Liberals are committed to achieving some kind of reform

The Bramptonist writes about 8 stories to watch for in Brampton in 2017. 

Similarly, 5 people to watch in Brampton politics in 2017. 

Paul Wells writes about the recent federal cabinet shuffle

Who is Karina Gould

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