Thursday, December 8, 2016

Worth Reading - December 8, 2016

Kurzgesagt, an impressive YouTube channel, has released a video advocating that humanity change its calendar, and I find the argument compelling. 

Portland is often held up as an ideal in North American planning. Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns visited in October and offers up some thoughts and cold-water criticism. 

Desmond Cole writes that Canadians should never compare their domestic politics to Trump's America and feel prideful. 

How the rhetoric of the Trump movement is infiltrating the Canadian Conservative leadership race. 

Scientific American reports that ice sheets the size of India has vanished from the poles

Chris Selley put together a selection of articles highlighting the Liberal failure on electoral reform over the last couple of weeks. 

As an example, critics are out for the survey

The Toronto Star did a profile on Sam Oosterhoff, the youngest MPP in Ontario history. 

The Brampton Guardian gives Mayor Jeffrey a report card half way through her term. 

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