Thursday, December 15, 2016

Worth Reading - December 15, 2016

Apologies for missing the Tuesday post. I spent the day taking care of my sick niece and then went to work. I planned on writing something up on Wednesday, but it was a repeat of Tuesday.

Vision Zero is a movement to end pedestrian deaths in vehicular accidents. The Toronto Star reports on Peel Region and the risk imposed by transport trucks

Andrew Coyne on the Liberals, special access and fundraising

More on how the Liberals have bungled the democratic reform file. 

Citylab writes about how white neighbourhoods are whiter than their metropolitan regions and resist integration. 

Dennis Pilon writes at iPolitics that the entire electoral reform debate is based upon a fear of voters

Filed under the "Wake up in a cold sweat" category, Donald Trump will soon gain control of Voice of America, and perhaps use it as a propaganda tool for his administration. Excuse me as I breathe into a paper bag.

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