Thursday, June 23, 2016

Worth Reading - June 23, 2016

I love this piece from The Onion because it ties so closely to my own experience. Revealing Spring Attire Reminds Man He is Nothing More Than Weak, Hormonal Ogre

The provincial government has announced plans to expand Go train service from Toronto to Waterloo (with Brampton in the middle). 

Here's a piece from Jane Hilderman of Samara talking about the role of young voters

Ashley Csanady explores gun culture in the United States

Oftentimes positive changes in a community doesn't come from radical big projects, but making small experimental investments. I really like the pitch Andrew Price makes here. I'm sure when you read it you can think of how it could be used to improve your own city.

From TVO, when will drivers stop blaming pedestrians for collisions

Aaron Wherry takes a look at the electoral reform committee after it first meets. 

The Toronto Star editorial states that with increasing costs the city should kill the Scarborough subway

Dr. Maureen Lux, my former supervisor at Brock University, has released her book about the history health care for Aboriginal Canadians. 

The Bramptonist calls the decision to convert lands dedicated to employment to housing a scandal

A new video was released in the style of Canadian Heritage Minutes on the topic of residential schools.

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