Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sixth Anniversary of the Orange Tory

Tomorrow marks the sixth anniversary of this blog. It has been a long, fun and at times difficult project. I cannot count the number of times I have stared a the screen and the blinking cursor and have no idea what I'm going to write about. Before I go forward I want to thank my regular readers for continuing to visit this blog. Over the last year I've heard more from your than previously. Thoughtful comments are always a tremendous boost. Sometimes blogging can feel like yelling into the void and its nice to know someone is listening, even if they disagree.

Readership of the blog peaked in July 2015. For reasons beyond my understanding readership suddenly surged that summer and then immediately declined. It has been climbing again since January but I have long learned that building a readership is not a linear process. My recent post, Small Business and the Suburbs, is now my fifth most read post, so who knows? I obviously do not write to get a bigger and bigger audience, I write about the things that interest me and hope others enjoy it as well.

I thought the book reviews were a good addition to the blog. Sadly as I look at my reading list there is not a lot that will go on to the blog with one exception. I am nearly done The Big Shift by John Ibbitson and Darrel Bricker and a review should appear later this month. If you are interested in non-political book reviews I am posting my books on Goodreads. I am trying to read 50 books in 2016. I am watching some political fiction and think a review for some of that will be forthcoming as well.

Over the next year there are a couple of stories I assume I will be writing about more often than not. First is the NDP and Conservative leadership races. The outcome of these contests will shape our national politics for at least the next three years and easily longer. As I have written both are off to slow starts but they are long affairs. I hope to do more writing about urban issues perhaps using Brampton as a case study since that is my current home and hometown. To the process and outcome of the electoral reform committee is close to my heart and I have been following closely (with much trepidation). Over the next five months the American people will be holding their elections. I don't pay as much attention to the United States as I once did but this will be an important campaign to watch for sure. Especially given all the immigration applications we might soon be receiving.

Ultimately this blog is about ideas. It's about expressing opinions and collecting thoughts in one place. When I started writing I thought of it almost as a way of getting my personal philosophy down on paper (so to speak). It has helped refine my ideas and try to stake out my own bizarre place on the political spectrum. It may have also permanently doomed any dream I might have for public office (or general employment). From feedback I have received I know people appreciate the "Orange Tory" approach on issues, progressive/liberal/socialist on some issues and libertarian/conservative on others and just as often simply moderate. Thanks again to readers, new and old. Please continue to comment or reach out on social media, I'm @SLee_OT on Twitter, and I hope this blog continues to be a project worth sharing in its sixth year.

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