Thursday, May 19, 2016

Worth Reading - May 19, 2016

Martin Regg Cohn talks about the proposed changes to Ontario's political financing laws

It was all the buzz this morning on Twitter, the scuffle on the floor of Parliament yesterday. 

Steve Paikin writes that a longer leadership race for the NDP opens opportunities for less well-known candidates. 

Kady O'Malley writes how the electoral reform committee can be saved. I blogged about this on Tuesday.

David Akin argues that electoral reform overlooks the problem of representation by population in this country

The National Post offers their take on whether or not Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau should receive office staff at the public expense. 

Michael Chong (CPC - Wellington-Halton Hills, ON) has entered the race to lead the Conservatives. I have said positive things about Chong in the past, I look forward to what ideas he'll bring to the campaign.

San Grewal writes that the period of dysfunction under Susan Fennell in Brampton continues despite a change in leadership at the top

Andrew Sullivan writes how the roots to the current American presidential election may be found in the bedrock of political philosophy, Plato. Is democracy sliding towards tyranny? 

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