Thursday, May 12, 2016

Worth Reading - May 12, 2016

Eric Grenier broke down some of the fundraising by candidates (and potential candidates) to lead the Conservatives and NDP.  Definitely some interesting numbers.

The Ontario Government is proposing new rules to curb sprawl in the GTHA. I'll believe it when I see it. The current Green Belt is frequently violated.

Jeet Heer answers the question, are Donald Trump supporters idiots

The Liberals have finally announced their committee for electoral reform. It is not particularly inspiring that the Liberals will hold a majority on the committee.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Government has begun using time allocation to curtail debates. Aaron Wherry offers a measured take here

From Huffington Post, a Liberal voter says enough Trudeaumania, let's get down to making progress. 

This article from the Toronto Star suggests that universities need a rethink. I am less concerned. I'm not sure what is needed is a dialogue between professors and students.

From the New York Times, a topic I think about a lot, progressive silencing of conservative or unorthodox views

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