Thursday, May 7, 2015

Worth Reading - May 7, 2015

Let's talk about Alberta.

Alice Funke breaks down some of the numbers from the vote. Despite the Alberta NDP winning a majority it was a much more narrow victory than you may initially assume.

In Maclean's Paul Wells provides some context on Alberta's Premier-elect, Rachel Notley

This article was written well before the provincial election but it provides a great deal of context for why the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta lost power

One of the big questions at the moment is whether or not car ownership will actually decline. From the Guardian, a story about a few European cities' efforts to use modern technology and strategies to cut car use

I guess it's nice to know we're not alone? This piece in the Sydney Morning Herald discusses how their system of government is broken. The author points to instability in party leadership, but to my opinion that could be chalked up to poor caucus management and leaders and not a systemic problem necessarily.

Speaking of reform (yay for segues!), Andrew Coyne recently interviewed Brent Rathgeber (Ind. - Edmonton-St. Albert, AB) on his experience outside of the Conservative Party caucus and parliamentary reform. 

I listened to this podcast last night and this morning. Chuck Marohn interviews Steven Shultis about his research on urban schools and their connection to sustainable cities and social attitudes towards them.

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