Thursday, May 21, 2015

Worth Reading - May 21, 2015

Stephen Maher writes how the so-called Fair Elections Act could cause chaos on election day

Filed under the "Kids Aren't So Bad" here is a news story about the young ladies that created a petition to have consent included in the sex ed curriculum and their response to opponents.  

Tim Harper in the Toronto Star raises an interesting point about the upcoming election; 7 in 10 Canadians are decided not to vote for the Conservatives. Of course it is way too early to predict that, but I would say that the number has to be close to 6 in 10. That's still room for a majority, but only if it all breaks their way. Tim Harper suggests that Mulcair might be the one to rally the anti-Conservative vote.

Eric Grenier writes about the prospect of a three-way race federally with the seeming growth of the NDP in recent polls. Here are some other articles on this topic, one from Huffington Post 
 and 308 Blog I should probably tone it down on poll-pieces... but the first is a good read!

Apparently the fiftieth anniversary of the Ontario flag is this month. Steve Paikin writes about effort by some to change it. It's mostly interesting for the history though.

From super happy news from my former employer, Lutsel K'e Dene School is having its first graduate

Vice writer Justin Ling poses the question - what if the federal debates didn't suck

Susan Delacourt writes about the Conservative's logic behind the changes to the federal debates. 

Elijah Harper passed away this month. The man made a poignant stand for Aboriginal rights as a Manitoba MLA that sunk constitutional reforms.

Michal Schick at Hypable has posted two pieces that help to encapsulates the controversy surrounding the sixth episode of season five of Game of Thrones. I won't go into details if people have not yet watched it. The first part makes the case for why a particular set of scenes is controversial and the fan/media fallout.  

I found this piece from the Washington Post about Game of Thrones to be quite compelling. Alyssa Rosenberg looks at the backlash at this week's episode and defines the show as being centred on sexual violence

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