Thursday, February 19, 2015

Worth Reading - February 19, 2015

We begin with Australia. In recent weeks you may have heard about the trouble surrounding the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot. He recently survived a leadership spill, but at least according to a U.S. think tank, he might be the least competent leader in the democratic world

Aaron Wherry in Maclean’s writes about the debacle in the House of Commons over changes to the security on Parliament Hill. This story reveals the troubling weakness of our ‘governing’ institution.

Mayor John Tory’s Smart Track plan was the central plank of his campaign. Royson James writes how the realities of Smart Track are raising some real issues/contradictions now that Toronto is looking at actual implementation. 

Lately I have heard quite a bit about the Conservatives’ growing support in Quebec. Eric Grenier breaks down the numbers

A black Mississippi judge gave an incredible speech when he sentenced three young white men who murdered a black man, motivated by racism. The text of his remarks are in the link above.

The Walrus has an interesting piece on Sun News in light of its demise

Peter Loewen has a great piece on Eve Adams (LPC – Mississauga-Brampton South, ON) and low expectations. 

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