Thursday, February 12, 2015

Worth Reading - February 12, 2015

A Canadian urban planner and geography professor has developed a theory that some of the gentrification we have seen has been misdiagnosed and suggests that "youthification" might be a better descriptor of what is happening

Andrew Coyne's take on Even Adams' (LPC - Mississauga-Brampton South) switch to the Liberal Party. 

More on Eve Adams, Althia Raj asks a simple question, if Eve Adams was blocked from being a candidate then why was she permitted to be a parliamentary secretary? 

Not long ago I authored a blog post questioning the health of our democracy. Aside from participation there are other factors, such as openness to the media. Prime Minister Harper is the most hostile PM to media in living memory. Reporter David Akin shares the behind the scenes of the rare moments when the Canadian press is allowed to question the prime minister. 

Edward Keenan looking at the mess of the Sudbury by-election challenges the public's ease at accepting political malfeasance

The Government of the Northwest Territories has released its budget for 2015-2016. The Minister of Finance, Michael Miltenberger (Thebacha) has stated that the territory is facing a difficult future. The government has difficult choices to make.

Emmet MacFarlane writes on the Supreme Court's decision on assisted suicide

As included in my post on Tuesday, here is Tabatha Southey's take on the anti-vaccination movement. Southey's irreverent take is pretty fun.

Martin Regg Cohn suggests that to clean up Ontario's politics is to reform how politics is financed

Every once in a while I make an impassioned argument for why renting is a valid way to live one's life. The Globe and Mail did some analysis to see which one made more money for you in the long run. It's closer than you might think

On the Agenda this week there was a fascinating interview with Susan Pinker on the positive effects of living in a social environment. Pinker's research is sort of mind-blowing.

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