Thursday, January 22, 2015

Worth Reading - January 22, 2015

There is a lot of talk in Ontario about getting new universities in communities like Brampton and Barrie. I think part of the reason people are attracted to the idea is because universities are seen a economic steroids to a community and valuable stimulus. This article from City Lab discusses how the University of Chicago can combat some of the problems associated with the inner city

Adam Radwanski spent some time traveling in America's Rust Belt and reported back with some lessons he drew for Southwestern Ontario. I take issue with many of the options Radwanski points to. Radwanski highlights a little too much the big, flashy investments and not enough on the small incremental improvements that make a real difference, in my opinion.

Alice Funke at Pundits' Guide has stumbled across an interesting little loophole added by the Fair Elections Act that could A) affect election timing, and B) affect election spending. 

Chantal Hebert writes a disheartening piece (at least to me) over the challenging electoral prospects for the federal NDP moving towards the 2015 election. 

I have featured a few posts by Jesse Brown and Canadaland in the last couple of weeks. Therefore it seems proper for me to share this critique of Mr. Brown and his work from the Globe and Mail.

In a recent poll the Conservatives have taken back the lead nationally from the Liberals. Eric Grenier breaks it down. 

As part of the Agenda's reporting from Barrie, Ontario they spoke to young adults on youth unemployment and opportunities. 

Gentrification is a fascinating phenomenon. It can have devastating effects on the existing community. This article in the Slate highlights some of the positives and the conception of it might be entirely wrong. The author argues that it may be better understood as a phenomenon of affordability.

A cool piece from the National Post on how Toronto's skyline has changed in the past 13 year.

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