Thursday, January 15, 2015

Worth Reading - January 15, 2015

"Close to transit" is a phrase many urban-dwellers will be familiar with, especially those hunting for an apartment. City Lab takes a look at the value of living close to transit and how close one has to live to reap those benefits. 

Sean Craig at the Canadaland Blog released a scathing piece that showed clear conflict of interest between CBC's Amanda Lang and her dealings on a story about the Royal Bank of Canada. 

You're standing on the sidewalk preparing to cross the street when a car approaches. Do you dash across to get out of their way? Why? Strong Towns looks at the threats to pedestrian space and how distorted our environment is. 

Jon Lorinc in Spacing reflects on the global city in light of the terror attacks in Paris

This was a really great post that I found really thrilling to read. The author takes a look of a post-war suburb in Portland. I like this piece because the infamous Portland looks much more like "normal" cities everywhere. The author peels back the mystique and takes a look at a special place in the 'burbs that offers a slight inspiration.

Tim Harper in the Toronto Star wrote pieces on what the three federal party leaders need to address moving towards the 2015 election. Here is his take on Tom Mulcair.  

The future of school board and its trustees is something that has been on my mind of late. There are not clear answers, but at least the Toronto Star is asking some questions. Should the Toronto District School Board be deamalgamated and should we elect trustees at all

I love film and I hate going to the movies. This report from the A.V. Club suggests I am not alone in that opinion in general. Here's a great look at the current state of attitudes about going to the movies

John Ivison writes that a case is mounting for a spring, instead of fall, election this year

Leading up to the next federal election Aaron Wherry has laid out all the possible outcomes of the 2015 election. 

Want to listen to Andrew Coyne and Jesse Brown talk about journalism and media? It's funny Check it out

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