Thursday, December 18, 2014

Worth Reading - December 18, 2014

Reading over the articles below it becomes quite clear there is a great deal going on politically in this country even if most of its citizens are rushing around preparing for the holidays. Let's get started. 

Sean Marshall, whose website I featured in last week's post, has an interesting piece suggesting that the results in Wards 1 and 2 may offer something hopeful

I am sure it is a common enough experience to be sitting somewhere and people start swapping (bad) medical advice, often inspired from something on TV. Vox has a piece discussing the value of advice from television doctors, ex. Dr. Oz. Ready yourself for those discussions with family.

I missed when this story broke due to work but I could not believe it when I read it. Danielle Smith (PCAA - Highwood) abandoned her own Wildrose Party, WHICH SHE WAS LEADING, crossed the floor, and joined with the Progressive Conservative government. Madness,

Lately it has been a lot of bad news for New Democrats. This piece perked me up and reminded me of my own feelings about both the Conservative Party and the NDP. Ethan Rabidoux writes why he has jumped from the Tories to the Dippers.  

A piece was published in The Economist defending the suburbs, here a writer dismantles their argument

Someone on Twitter commented on this article that it was nice to see that Calgary can make boneheaded decisions too. The National Post's take on Calgary's horrendous policy history on second units. 

Former Senator Hugh Segal writes on the ongoing leadership troubles for the Manitoba NDP and whether or not they fit with the constitutional framework of the country.

A report states that Ontario's Greenbelt faces major challenges going forward if it is going to fulfill its mission to protect farmland and water.

A federal New Democrat is planning to run for the provincial Liberals in a by-election in Sudbury. Here is Steve Paikin's take and a fuller story from the Toronto Star.

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