Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CdnPoli Twas the Night Before Christmas

Happy holidays, I hope everyone is able to enjoy the upcoming break. Normally I try to write something seasonally appropriate for my last post before Christmas. This year in my travels I strung together a few parody lines for the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem for Canadian politics and decided to see if I could finish the rest. I hope you like it, take care. 

Twas the week before Christmas, and quiet in the House
Politicians were back in their ridings, home with their spouse.
The next election was less than a year away   
But they worried not and in their ridings they did stay.

The citizens ignored the politics for their own sake
And tried to enjoy their all-too-brief break.
Round the dinner table politics was banned
Until too much to drink had passions fanned.

The pollsters and consultants were all snug in their beds,
While visions of campaigns and controversy danced in their heads.
The media panels met one more time to recap
And name the year’s winners and also the saps.

Canadians everywhere would take the time to gather,
Discuss what matters, working themselves into a lather.
But “Canadians don’t care” was often the quote,
Citing the evidence of the declining vote.

The glow of the T.V. and news of the year
Filled the heart with fondness, anger and fear.
On the screen for all to see were our servants and pols,
But most of us were too busy, shopping at malls.

The cynics and nerds declared with great passion and fear,
“I wish that everyone would pay attention next year.”
The stalwarts and hacks worked and made plans
Ready to war against the other parties’ clans.

Mayors, councillors, MPs and Minister,
All politicians both honest and sinister,
Will be held to account by the public at large,
For that is the citizen’s duty and ours to discharge.

Democracy, it is said, is the greatest gift,
But citizens must work to stop it going adrift.
Sickness at the heart of our nations sources of power
Will be the soil for a democratic revival to flower.

One does not have to be Prime Minister to make the world change,
It starts with caring and taking part in the exchange.
There is a simple truth, for all to know, and an absolute fact,
The people have power and can make change when they act.

Happy holidays to all, and keep your democracy aflame,
It means more than which party and politician to blame.
There is far more to see than scandals and brawl
Our system should be the voice for us all.

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