Thursday, October 23, 2014

Worth Reading – October 23, 2014

In the wake of yesterday’s events in Ottawa I would like to refrain from commenting extensively at this time. I would like to share Jonathan Kay’s article from the National Post about adapting without compromising our public space

Royson James from the Toronto Star tepidly throws his support behind Bonnie Crombie and John Sanderson in the upcoming municipal elections. 

From the New York Times, American political parties are very different animals from their peers elsewhere in the world. In this opinion piece the author argues that stronger political parties would reduce partisanship. 

Also from the New York Times, why are young people attracted to the frivolous start-up in Silicon Valley while engineering tech companies struggle to recruit? This article provides a lot of great insight to Silicon Valley and the current culture there.

Jon Lorinc writes about strategic voting, which has become a hot issue as the municipal elections come to a close. 

Ashley Csanady lays out what’s ahead at Queen’s Park. 

Tim Harper writes about which events could upset the dynamic leading to the federal election. 

Dammit Premier Wynne! The Liberal Ontario government has made it possible to raid the transit fund... 

The Toronto Star has been running a series called “10 Big Ideas” on how Toronto could be made a better place. In this piece, what if the provincial government took over transit from the City of Toronto. 

This is an old one, but Dan Gardner was referencing this piece so I gave it a look. Why a higher birth rate is good for the environment

In perhaps what will be the biggest technological change in decades – Skunk Works might be close to a fusion reactor

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