Thursday, October 2, 2014

Worth Reading – October 2, 2014

Vasiliki Bednar writes about the “lazy feminism” surrounding our politics and how greater analysis of how policies will impact women is required. 

The fellow mentioned in this article seems horrendous, however, I feel uncomfortable with the digital mob that was spawned through his alleged terrible actions

Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced that it will be a priority for her government to bring in ranked ballots for the municipal elections in 2018. Hurray!

The Brampton Guardian, my hometown paper, has nicely collected their resources on the candidates running in the upcoming October 27th election. 

Mayoral candidate John Tory’s plan for the TTC has come under strong criticism for being impractical. Royson James writes that despite this it is resonating with Torontonians

Behold, the most recent and obvious manifestation of sexism from popular culture to be called out. 

The collapse of the Bloc Quebecois has created all sorts of interesting possibilities for the three federalist parties. 

Andrew Coyne offers his take on the embarrassing spectacle in the House of Commons last week. 

Aaron Wherry reflects on the role of the Speaker of the House of Commons. 

Maclean’s magazine draws a line between the excitement for the iPhone 6 and the decline of religion.

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