Thursday, September 4, 2014

Worth Reading - September 4, 2014

Peter Kormos, former MPP for Welland, was a popular figure in his community and within the NDP before he passed away. Professor Larry Savage of Brock University has recently completed a book about his life and politics

Steve Paikin of TVO writes about John Tory, frontrunner for mayor of Toronto, his accumulation of high-profile Liberal endorsements

Jon Lorinc in Spacing writes about the Toronto mayoral election and how candidates would wise not to count out Mr. Ford

There’s no story here just a map. This a map of Syria and which groups control which areas. 

A provocative piece from the Telegraph in the United Kingdom on how the current structure surrounding cars and roads requires drastic change

Michael Den Tandt of the National Post writes on Prime Minister Harper’s legacy in the North

The public editor of the Globe and Mail writes about why it is so difficult to report on Rob Ford

This heartbreaking piece on Tina Fontaine’s final days in the Winnipeg Free Press. 

Chantal Hebert is coming out with a new book looking at the referendum in 1995. Here is an excerpt from the book

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