Thursday, September 18, 2014

Worth Reading – September 18, 2014

With votes being counted in Scotland tonight that is where at least part of my attention will be. My schedule has been busy, to say the least, so my list of articles for this week is a tad bit short.

First, if you’re interested in following the Scottish results here in Canada Ashley Csanady offers a guide

Results for the referendum can be found here

John McGrath wrote an excellence piece against the secession of Scotland. 

Ms. Csanady writes, again, on Ralph Goodale’s (LPC – Wascana, SK) support of the preferential ballot. Many Liberals have come out in favour of various reforms, but the party remains a defender of the status quo time and time again.

Jon Loninc writes on Rob Ford’s cancer diagnosis and the possible impact on the mayoralty race

Steve Munro, perhaps the highly regarded commentator on transit in Toronto lays out some of the options facing the city of Toronto. 

Martin Patriquin writes a great long-form piece on the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre

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