Thursday, August 14, 2014

Worth Reading - August 14, 2014

After only a few days back in my home base I have not exactly had much chance to read the news. I had a pile of articles put aside but I lost them when my computer crashed. Such is life. Here is a collect of articles, some from before my vacation and some from after. I hope they all prove interesting.

Why do infrastructure projects cost so much? City Lab shares the example of a tunnel built in Los Angeles in 1925 and contrasts for 2014. 

The Toronto Star published a poll stating that most Bramptonians want Mayor Susan Fennell to resign. Harsh.

Related, a Toronto Star editor defends the reporting on the spending “irregularities” of Mayor Susan Fennell. Fennell has been criticizing the Star and claiming the reporting to be inaccurate.

From Eric Grenier of 308 Blog, the federal Conservatives are in a slump and evidence is mounting it might be a more permanent shift. 

If I’m not mistaken David Soknacki has proposed doing something similar in Toronto, but Singapore has introduced free transit at certain times to cut down on rush hour commuters. 

Steve Paikin writes about the lack of transparency for the provincial debates.  Even more remarkable given that he was the moderator.

Justin Ling in the National Post finds it odd that Canada is often so happy to regulate and monitor social problems, except prostitution

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