Thursday, January 9, 2014

Worth Reading - January 9, 2014

Worth Reading – January 9, 2014

Ever since I moved up to the Northwest Territories the future of the North is something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about. This question often revolves around natural resources, the environment and the place of indigenous peoples. The Northern Journal, based in Fort Smith, argued that this was the story of the year for 2013.

Rob Anders (CPC – Calgary West, AB) is one of the least liked Members of Parliament in the country. He has made famously outrageous comments and his behaviour is often upsetting to a vast majority of Canadians, including Conservatives within his own riding. Lawrence writes in this piece about how Anders has managed to stay in Calgary West and the role the Prime Minister has played.

Brampton, Ontario estimates the cost of cleanup after the ice storm at over $50 million. The damage is amazing and is overwhelming city services. Clean up is estimated to take 14-16 weeks.

Adam Radwanski writes about the fortunes of the Ontario Liberals in southwestern Ontario. Trends indicate the land may be salted for the Liberals there.

In 2013 I spent a lot of time investigating gender issues. The intersection between misogynism and modern technology is fascinating to me. This long article is about the place of women and treatment of women on the internet.

Andrew Coyne in the National Post has an interesting piece about prostitution and other morality laws in Canada

Richard Florida in the Toronto Star advocates for jets landing at Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island.  

More bad news for Brampton’s mayor. Mayor Fennell is under criticism for lavish travelling expenses.  

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