Thursday, January 23, 2014

Worth Reading – January 23, 2014

The Bank of Canada is changing policy and the improving American economy has caused a slump in the loonie. The Globe and Mail reports on the risk of disinflation and where the Canadian economy may be headed

Chris Hall of CBC reflects on Stephen Harper’s Prime Ministership and his ability to survive and persevere despite opposition

Jonathan Kay writes about the motivations behind the Conservative’s push for Jewish voters and the tour of Israel. It is a fascinating explanation of how microtargeting and politics affects foreign policy.

There is a bloody standoff in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. The images coming out of the Ukraine are stunning as citizens revolt against their government.

Eric Grenier of 308 blog discusses the first national poll of 2014. The Liberals have passed the Conservatives and the NDP have settled back into the mid-20s, where they were before the 2011 election.

The Globe and Mail has been running an interesting series about the Canadian North. This piece is about whether or not we should spend public money on the North. You can find the rest of the articles in the series here.

Reform or abolish, these are the choices Preston Manning says we have in regards to the Canadian Senate. Manning’s website suggests that there are six options: abolition, status quo, or four forms of reform. They are seeking public input.

Richard Florida in the Atlantic Cities talks about the persistenceof slums in the growing urban centers in the developing world. 

A journalist outlines the struggle of female reportersand the brutal sexism and misogyny they face. In some ways it seems we are moving backwards.

Mayor Susan Fennell, according to a Forum poll, would lose the next election against Councillor John Sanderson, who has been rumoured to be considering a run.  

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