Thursday, November 28, 2013

Worth Reading - November 28, 2013

Over time one of the ideas that I have come to embrace is that there were not such distinct, polarizing cultures between Canada and the United States, but several cultural regions. Basically, people in Chicago and Toronto have more in common than people in Toronto and Vancouver. This week the Atlantic Cities shared some studies of regional dialects in the United States, which I found quite interesting. Soda, pop or coke? 

The company responsible for the coal slurry now making its way through the Athabasca-Peace watershed is ordered to clean up the mess. Obviously the question is how much of the damage can be contained.

Another tidbit out of Brampton politics: The Brampton Guardian reports on how two city councillors spent their budgets. A significant portion seems to have been spent on personal expenses.

Justin Trudeau (LPC – Papineau, QC) has been trying to seize Jack Layton’s mantle. Brad Lavigne, recent author of “Building the Orange Wave” and former Layton advisor sets Trudeau straight

Related to the previous, Alice Funke reflects on what the by-election results from Monday might suggest about the future of cooperation

Another piece from Pundits’ Guide argues that despite the incumbent parties winning in the respective ridings, a great deal actually changed

Andrew Coyne in the National Post discusses this week’s by-election results and how it reveals a serious setback for Conservatives

With the release of documents from the RCMP investigation of the Duffy Affair there is little doubt that the Prime Minister knew more than he let on in his statements to Parliament and the public. 

This is a fascinating piece from New Socialist. I am unfamiliar with this group, but whatever. The author Todd Gordon takes a very nuanced and interesting analysis of Rob Ford’s base of support that you are unlikely to read elsewhere. 

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