Thursday, November 21, 2013

Worth Reading – November 21, 2013

A lot in here about Rob Ford this week, but I feel the columnists have enough distance that they are starting to say something more interesting than a recitation of the day’s events.

From the Chronicle Herald, a former-politician reflects what the death of the Red Tories has meant for Canada

Andrew Coyne takes a crack at the Ford issue and suggests that short-sighted populism is the culprit for the Ford dilemma.

Andrew Coyne followed up with a piece calling for Ford to be removed from office

The Globe and Mail reported that Rob Ford was reduced to “mayor in name only” as his powers were stripped away by Toronto City Council. 

Mayor Susan Fennell of Brampton is facing mounting criticism over her office’s spending. City Council has ordered a forensic audit of her expenses. 

An interesting article from Hepburn of the Toronto Star, where he suggests that the scandals and crisis in Ottawa and Toronto may fuel greater democratic participation.  I really, really hope he’s right. I can imagine how it might encourage some to get involved, but I also assume an equal or larger number is turned off.

Students from Deninu School in Fort Resolution have been learning photography. Here is a selection of their work

Michael Den Tandt writes that Rob Ford’s appeal makes him incredibly difficult to deal with and a powerful and lasting force in Canadian politics. Basically, Ford has a huge mass appeal, which in a regulated political fundraising environment is critical to obtaining funds.

This is a great piece posted on Samara’s blog. A campaign volunteer for Linda McQuaid’s campaign in the Toronto Centre by-election speaks about being engaged in politics and dealing with stereotypes people have about her

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