Thursday, August 1, 2013

Worth Reading - August 1, 2013

Today is by-election day in Ontario. Five ridings are set to select new MPPs from the St. Clair River to the Ottawa River. Many of the most interesting pieces in the last week have to do with this topic, so please forgive me. Polls close tonight at 9 p.m.

This brief write up from the Toronto Standard is a shocking piece of news. The North Pole has melted

Former MP and cabinet minister Ian Waddell offers his opinion on what the B.C. NDP needs to do next to overcome their self-inflicted defeat

A piece I wrote for the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy went up this week about the impact of attitudes about buses on policy choices

Tom Mulcair and the NDP are testing out their election machinery this August as he criss-crosses Canada on a tour. 

Now to the by-election stuff!

Canadian Election Atlas offers the most comprehensive breakdown of the by-elections. Earl Washburn always does fantastic work and I strongly recommend following him on Twitter tonight when the results start coming in at @EarlWashburn

Steve Paikin at TVO wisely cautions us against reading too much into any of the by-election results

Eric Grenier at 308 says that the Liberals are under a lot of pressure today and has interesting numbers showing tight races in four out of the five ridings

The Globe and Mail says that Scarborough-Guildwood is a great sample of suburban Toronto and an important bellweather for each of the three parties. 

Martin Regg Cohn looks at the stakes of the by-elections tonight and minimizes their overall importance. He questions how the further allegations of misdoing by the McGuinty government will affect Liberals across the province

Finally, the Toronto Star says turnout will be key in determining all of these races. Absolutely true. With by-elections this close it is a matter of getting out the vote.

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