Thursday, April 4, 2013

Worth Reading – April 4, 2013

Hard cuts had to be made to get this list down to 10. 

Eric Grenier of 308 breaks down how a ranked ballot would effect a hypothetical election. Most people have assumed that a ranked ballot would benefit the centrist Liberals, but according to Grenier’s analysis it turns out it is the NDP who come out ahead.  

Andrew Coyne offers a take on the “caucus revolt” in the Conservative backbenches. Coyne says he has sources that say over twenty MPs have been meeting in secret to air their grievances. He interprets the issue as one of democracy, not social conservatism. I have a feeling Mr. Coyne is being a tad over optimistic.

Chantal Hebert raises the idea that the CPC caucus unrest might ultimately lead to a leadership challenge

Jim Coyle of the Toronto Star offers perhaps the best account of the life of recently departed Peter Kormos. I provided a bunch of links on my Tuesday post.

The pressure of university is distorting high school grades. This piece from the Globe and Mail talks about the grade inflation and how it has to burst

Last week’s CBC The National’s At Issue panel had an excellent discussion on the CPC caucus revolt and robocalls. I highly recommend it.

Neil Degrasse Tyson, a prominent voice in popular culture, has an amazing little speech about the importance of space exploration

As I said in the last Worth Reading, criticism of Mayor Fennell’s salary has arrived.

John Lorinc in Spacing breaks down some of the revenue tools Metrolinx can use to pay for the Big Move

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