Thursday, April 11, 2013

Worth Reading – April 11, 2013

This week the Toronto Star did a three-part series on growing income equality in the Region of Peel. Over the last thirty years the Region of Peel has transformed from a middle class suburb to edge cities with a large and growing under-class.

From the National Post, Matt Gurney takes Mayor Rob Ford’s notion that a casino could pay for transit and puts it to the test. If all holds to plan, the casino could pay for planned transit investments in a brief 1000 years.

Speaking of funding transit, again from the National Post, Metrolinx has revealed some of the potential tools to raise the capital needed for infrastructure investments. This includes highway tolls, fuel tax and parking fees.

Andrew Coyne in the National Post wraps up the federal Liberal leadership race. He concludes that of the current candidates Justin Trudeau (LPC – Papineau, QC) is clearly the best choice. There is no doubt Trudeau has grown as a politician during the campaign, but his name recognition dramatically cleared the field.

Brampton Transit is seeking public input on changes to the system and expansion of the Züm along Bovaird. 

It’s no secret that Ontario has serious budget issues. One of the barriers is Ontario’s unfair treatment by the federal equalization program. Martin Regg Cohn lays out the case that the Mowat Centre has highlighted in a recent report.

Brampton has settled on the new ward map for the 2014 civic elections. The public rejected the idea of creating two new councillor positions. I think this decision is short-sighted, but I can understand the public resistance to spend more money on politicians.

Last night’s episode of the Agenda on TVO had a very impressive line-up. First, a one-on-one interview with Dave Meslin advocating RaBIT (Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto). They are seeking to change how we will vote in the next municipal election (at least in Toronto). The main event was a roundtable discussion on how to make parliament matter. Guests include Alison Loat of Samara (whose report inspired this episode), Aaron Wherry of Maclean’s, Nathan Cullen (NDP - Skeena-Bulkley Valley, BC), Brent Rathgeber (CPC – Edmonton-St. Albert, AB) and Carolyn Bennett (LPC – St. Paul’s, ON). An excellent conversation on an issue critical to our futures.

A simple piece that doesn’t tell us much we don’t already know, but the Globe and Mail highlights the big challenges facing the GTA’s economy

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