Thursday, September 27, 2012

Worth Reading - September 27, 2012

First and foremost, the Ontario Boundary Commission is accepting public submissions by October 1st. The good people at Voter Equality  have produced an excellent slideshow that explains the inequalities in the new map. I strongly encourage you to go to the Ontario Boundary Commission and write a brief one page letter explaining why you believe the Commission should enforce voter equality. I have already nagged many of my friends I felt I could convince to write.

This is a wonderful piece by Dan Gardner absolutely shredding the Tories on their ‘Carbon Tax’ strategy. It also includes a reference to Monty Python. Hard to go wrong there. 

Rick Mercer has a new book come out, so he has been doing the media circuit promoting it. He did a piece in Maclean’s on why he rants. Valuable read, to be sure. 

Say what you will about Mr. Woodworth’s motion in regards to fetal rights, the position Ms. Ashton and Ms. Boivin advocate (restricting private member bills), is not in anyway the solution. Defeat bad ideas, don’t silence them. 

With the announcement of Justin Trudeau imminent that he will run for the Liberal leadership Susan Delacourt released a challenge to the media to write about Mr. Trudeau without raising the following now-clichés. 

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