Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Züming to Success

Readers, recently I posted on a discussion of Brampton’s upcoming experiment on Bus Rapid Transit known as Züm. The service has been in operation now for over a month. Sadly, I haven’t myself been able to access it. I’ve been home once this semester and it wasn’t online then. Friends of mine back in Brampton have told me positive things about the system so far.

Züm recently pointed its Facebook Fans to the following news article.

According to the article, Züm has contributed to a 16% increase in ridership for Brampton Transit along the Queen Street Corridor. This is an exciting development. Whether or not this can be sustained is something else entirely, but it is a promising start.

Many critics suggested that Züm could not work in a low-density, suburban city like Brampton. I feel that characterization also doesn’t match the city, but Züm is proving critics wrong, at least for now.

I hope the next city council continues to support Züm and the program, and that Brampton can become a leader for cities such as itself in transportation innovation.

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