Thursday, March 1, 2018

Worth Reading - March 1, 2018

This piece went quite viral when it came out, Jen Gerson wrote about the phone call that ended Patrick Brown's leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. 

Before he dropped out Andrew Coyne wrote a scathing satire of Patrick Brown's leadership bid

A writer at Strong Towns talks about bridging the gap between gentrification and affordable housing

Kurzgesagt put out a video about String Theory. Enjoy! 

Andrea Horwath has a difficult path to navigate. She must win over disaffected Liberals and prevent the PCs from sweeping into power in a wave.

Much of this doesn't align with my experience, but here is an article talking about the unpleasant nature of working in a movie theatre

Strong Towns takes a look at value capture, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Also from Strong Towns, how cheap pop-up shops are revitalizing a small downtown

John Michael McGrath writes in defence of political elites

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