Thursday, February 1, 2018

Worth Reading - February 1, 2018

Good evening readers. My sincere apologies for missing my Tuesday posting. I've been helping take care of a sick family member. It consumes a lot of time and energy and so the motivation to sit down at 10 PM and write something just was not there. Hopefully this week's Worth Reading helps compensate for that.

Is life common or uncommon in the galaxy, and regardless of the answer what would that suggest for humanity?

In the New York Times they make the case for beautiful subways, which having taken Toronto's transit system more than a few times, is a lesson that could be applied to that city as well. 

Chaos broke out in Ontario politics this week as allegations against the leader and president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario brought them down. The PCs now have an interim leader and a leadership contest before they head to the polls.

Here is a new story about Rick Dykstra resigning after allegations surfaced about him

After being selected as interim leader and saying he would pursue the leadership, Vic Fideli said he would no longer seek to become the permanent leader of the PCs

Steve Paikin writes that Christine Elliot, the candidate who lost against Patrick Brown is the frontrunner to replace him. 

Chantal Braganza writes that the obsession with "due process" in cases such as Brown's is misplaced. 

Jen Gerson writes that the PCs need a woman to lead their party

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