Thursday, December 21, 2017

Worth Reading - December 21, 2017

Good evening everyone, apologies for missing the Tuesday post. I often suffer from insomnia. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I only for a few hours of sleep. Writing something on top of my schedule can often be a challenge. By the time I thought it could be done it was nearly time to write this.

Justin Trudeau violated conflict of interests rules according to the Ethics Commissioner. 

Tom Mulcair will resign from the House of Commons next year. 

What the next Ontario election could mean for commuters and transit users. 

A man who tried to save others at the Quebec mosque shooting is struggling as a result of his injuries

Ontario NDP leader criticizes her rivals as we enter the election season in this province. 

Toronto opened an extension on its busiest subway line. 

As we head towards next year's municipal elections, figures like John Tory are going to be under greater scrutiny. Edward Keenan offers his take on the Mayor of Toronto. 

Finally CGP Grey put out a video about how machines learn

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