Thursday, March 9, 2017

Worth Reading - March 9, 2017

Strong Towns is talking about how to apply their strength test to your own home town. Perhaps I'll apply this to Brampton.

As a person who needs quiet to think, the open office concept is troubling to me. This piece from the Washington Post challenges its growing hegemony

Robyn Doolittle's Unfounded series explores how sexual assaults are reported and (not) investigated in this country. 

Daniel Herriges writes how inner city freeways have repeatedly failed their communities

Brampton Transit will be experimenting with battery-electric buses

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau caused a bit of a stir when her International Women's Day post on social media called on women to celebrate their male allies

The Huffington Post reports that Canada and China are sending warning signals about the economy.

A sad reality of my nerdy life

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