Thursday, February 2, 2017

Worth Reading - February 2, 2017

Unsurpisingly, the Liberals have officially announced they are no longer pursuing electoral reform, despite their clear commitment to the Canadian people. Andrew Coyne argues shame on us for believing them in the first place. 

Chantal Hebert offers a preview of Parliament as the new session begins

Steve Paikin suggested that the Wynne government made make a Hail Mary plan to keep government, and he suggests that ending the public commitment to Catholic schools might be it. 

Politico looks at the Democrats as they wander in the political wilderness and their current leadership. 

PBS' Frontline put out a very interesting four-hour documentary about the Obama presidency and the rise of the Trump wing of the Republican Party. It's not possible to watch it directly on PBS' website, but several people have posted it on YouTube. I highly recommend it.

From Strong Towns, Why I'm Not a Cyclist.

Martin Regg Cohn is arguing to dismantle our school board system

Neil Macdonald states a simple truth: most mass shootings in Canada are committed by white, Canadian-born men. 

Maclean's calls on Justin Trudeau to be brave in defiance of Trump's policies

David Frum paints a grim picture of American autocracy

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