Thursday, October 6, 2016

Worth Reading - October 6, 2016

Samara Canada is seeking nominations for its Everyday Political Citizen contest

The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform is seeking public input in a simple survey

Desmond Cole writes about policing in Toronto

The strange zoning conflict in Brampton over a big blue house continues

Another Brampton zoning issue, the Ontario Municipal Board has approved development of a massive mall complex in Northwest Brampton

Ashley Csanady writes about the viral video of a Toronto woman giving water to pigs misunderstood best practices and government regulation. 

Steve Paikin asks if the fall of the Liberals in the polls in Ontario means that the NDP can make an advance

Paikin also recently wrote about a good problem that the Progressive Conservatives have

Human Transit writes that Uber is not just seeking to undermine the taxi industry, but also public transit

My former boss, and great guy, Brent Kaulback is retiring. He contributed a great deal to education in the Northwest Territories, I know my former colleagues and the communities will miss him greatly. 

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